What is Computer Adaptive Testing?

♦ Are you preparing for the National Registry exam?
♦ Have you been unsuccesful passing the National Registry exam?
♦ Are you preparing for your state certification or license exam?
♦ Have you been properly prepared for your new EMS profession?

Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT), the "written" examination process utilized by the National Registry and some state agencies, constructs tailored tests in "real time" based on the test taker's responses (correct or incorrect). Test construction is user determined, either comprehenisve or topic driven from the latest DOT National Curriculum and new National EMS Education Standards.

This product presents questions in a logical manner based on responses given by the test taker. At the end of the testing experience this unique online program delivers instant feedback on the test taker's overall performance and comparison to other test takers of similar background. This is THE best practice test on the market today. Whether you are a new emergency medical responder or a seasoned paramedic student this affordable experience is definitely cost-effective and beneficial.

The questions and testing process are valid, reliable, discrimitate proper, and are updated routinely for optimal exam preparation.

This Computer Adative Test (CAT) product delivers content that is constructed to help students prepare for their certification/licensure exams. This program allows you to experience the challenges of computer adaptive testing for EMS professionals.

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Computer Adaptive Testing